Monday, 28 March 2016

LifeBook 2015: Cover

Sorry about the fly through of the last lessons from LifeBook but the year really got away on me.  Towards the end of November I had a nasty fall at work and this literally threw me for six.  Anyway, I did eventually get my book finished - made my own covers and bound it with hand-stitching.  Here it is finished.

LifeBook 2015: Weeks 40 - 51

Week 41 - To whom it may concern with Kristin van Valkenburgh
Layers and textures and more layers, plus a letter inside the heart as a message to myself.

Week 42 - Everyday things with Alisa Burke
Trying out everyday items from around home to see what marks they make.

Week 43 - Any day is a good day to celebrate with Patti Ballard
Time to celebrate - the original had cake but I celebrate with coffee - hence the big cup.  I used my new colours from Golden - Green Gold & Quinacridone Azo Gold - just yummy!!!

Week 44 - Reach for the stars with Jenny Wentworth
Incorporating the face into the tree was tricky but I love the stars hanging down from the tree and I quite like the watery background.

Week 45 - Warm up

Week 45 - Follow your happy with Tamara Laporte
Warm up exercise - playing with texture, colour & shape before starting on 'follow your happy'.  First side on face. 

Week 46 - Glorious childhood tales with Violette Clark
Oh what fun having a go at a bit of cartooning.  thinking about all the things I used to like doing as a child, drawing myself as a child, and then putting it all together was such fun.  I love the result.

Week 47 - Intuitive painting as a practice of sacred play with Chris Zydel - 5 minute

Week 47 - Intuitive painting as a practice of sacred play with Chris Zydel - 30 minute

Week 48 - Smush Book with Donna Downey
This has to have been one of my favourite lessons this year.  I adore Donna's work anyway but this was so much fun.  I love doing the word fusion with my words being Creart (create+art) and smusion (smush+fusion).

Week 49 - My favourite things with Danielle Donaldson
Playing with watercolour and adding some of my favourite things just randomly on the page..  Hasn't photographed too well but it was fun to do.

Week 50 - Sunshine and Roses with Effy Wild
Not sure about this one.  I love the roses around the outside and the technique of creating them but not so fond of the rest.

Week 51 - Celebration & Gratitude; a Painterly Face with Tamara Laporte
Oh dear, a self portrait - not my best work (poor subject matter) hahaha!!!.  Still, anything from here on has to be an improvement, don't you think.

It's been ages

Oh my goodness, I can't believe that it has been so long since I blogged last.  Must be about time I caught you all up to date with LifeBook at the very least, so here goes ...