Monday, 6 May 2013

Art from the heart

Another week has gone by and I have been playing with Twinkling H2O's - wet on wet.  The background was created with pages from an old book.  I discovered that the paper is fairly absorbent and by spritzing first, brushing and blobbing on the Twinkling H2O's and then spritzing again before leaving to dry, I got a lovely mix of blended colour and then hard lines where it had dried.  I've used some texture paste through a stencil, added random drops of Adirondack 'Denim' alcohol ink, some doodles, distress inks direct from the pad and a little bit of iridescent medium all the while spritzing with more water until I got it looking sort of close to where I wanted it to be.  A wash of gesso toned the colours down and blended them further.

The quote is my own - "It's not about creating a great work of art; it's the process of drawing art from the heart".  What it basically means is that the process is more important than the product.  Since following this principle I have enjoyed creating more and actually found some satisfaction not only through the process but with the end product.   That was a bonus.  I have come to the conclusion that to approach art or creating in this manner takes the pressure off having to make art - where it has to look like something.  Goodness only knows how many times I was told I couldn't draw at school (I know, you can relate!).  Actually I can draw and I can paint but I just look at and see things differently to what the teachers expectations were and the curriculum stipulated.  So go on, have a play, and see where it takes you.  You might just be amazed.