Monday, 6 April 2015

Life Book 2015: Week 14 - Field journaling with Alisa Burke

This weeks lesson with Alisa encouraged the students to go outdoors and draw things from nature.  Prior to going out I prepared a simple watercolour background ready for drawing on after my field trip.

As Anna and Michael were here with Ellie for the weekend it was a great time to go to the park.  Michael was busy with the Omaka Airshow so the rest of us went to Pollard Park in Blenheim.  After feeding the ducks, Anna, Ellie & Nana Jan went to the playground while I went off to sketch, photograph and collect my specimens.  

When I was almost finished the fantails starting flitting around me.  I love fantails and can usually only get photographs from behind so it was with some luck today that I managed to get some front on.  One cheeky little fantail, known here in NZ as Piwakawaka, was darting around my head and almost landed on my shoulder.  Naturally he had to be included in my drawing.  I found three leaves that I liked the shape of, photographed them, drew some quick sketches and I was done.

Back home I quickly drew up my subject material and painted with watercolours and acrylics.  The fantail proved a challenge but as it was the first time I had drawn a bird I was very happy with how he came out.

What do you think?