Sunday, 30 September 2012

I love my eclips

Had a great day today. Finally got to play with the new eclips. First we cut out a couple of the shapes from the cartridges we had and then we installed "Sure cuts a lot" onto the computer. This was a free programme which came with the eclips machine and allows us to design and cut out our own shapes. Jan and I have been able to cut out our shapes for the tag swap we are participating in so this new acquisition is very timely. The tag swap is just one of the many awesome activities in the lead up to Scrapfest by the Sea which is being held in Nelson, NZ in August 2013. We've had some fabulous competitions so far with some awesome prizes up for grabs. Keep watching this space for more Scrapfest fun. I also had the opportunity to take my mum and younger son out for coffee at Theobroma, yummy coffee as usual. Then I found out that I had won a prize for a scrap challenge with Artfull Crafts. What an exciting day.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Thank you to everyone who checked out my meagre attempt at my first post. What an exciting day - Jan and I have just had a quick trip up to Auckland to visit Scottie Crafts . This is an amazing little shop tucked away in Ellice Road, Wairau Valley. We met them at SENZ in Hamilton (NZ) a few weeks ago and two weeks ago visited their store for the first (but definitely not last) time. It is only small but hold loads of scrapbooking and cardmarking toys ... heaven!!! The purpose of our trip was to buy an eclips electronic cutting machine. It's put out by Sizzix and we've been told that you can design your own stuff as well as using purchased cartridges - so we're going to give it a go. We've never had anything like this before so it is a real treat and a step up from scissors and a craft knife. The first thing we need to do is work out how to install it and then see if we can make it go. I promise to post pics once we have got it sussed. In the meantime, thanks for looking at my blog, and if you have any suggestions as to how I can improve it please let me know. Thanks.

Friday, 28 September 2012

my first post

hey, I've done it, I have my first blog and this is my first post. I hope that you'll keep coming back to see what I write, my thoughts and ideas, and hopefully share with you some of my creative endeavours. Over the next little while I will tell you a little bit more about myself but for now I am content with the fact that I have actually managed to figure this out ... Yay for me!!!