Saturday, 3 October 2015

Life Book 2015: Week 39 - From here to there with Roben-Marie Smith

So many layers ...

This weeks Life Book lesson with Roben-Marie Smith was entitled 'Fom here to there" which meant taking a blank page (here) through to a full blown creation (there) using lots and lots of layers.

We started by adding random writing in pencil across the page about things we loved.  Then we added a little watercolour paint.  Next was tearing random scraps of paper and adding to the page. Once dry we scraped white acrylic paint over the surface with a palette knife before adding doodles with pencils and ballpoint pen.  The next layer was acrylic paint through a selection of stencils.  I chose to use a paint splatters stencil and some small circles.  We let this dry before adding paint drips from the top of the page, adding lots of water so they ran right down to the bottom.  

Roben-Marie then asked us to choose a stamp or a picture by using the first letter of our name.  My letter is "D" so I used a doily as my prompt.  Actually I added a couple of doilies - one whole and one cut in two and pasted on the edges of the page.  

The next layer was adding accents of paint using pot and jar lids to create rings on the page followed by more doodles with pencils and ballpoint pen (but this time using my non-dominant hand).  And no, we are not finished yet.  

The next task was to create repeating shapes and as I had used the circular paint splatters I decided to follow the circle theme and create more circles and splatters.  Once the colour was added we started to add detail by drawing around some of the features with a pen.  This made some of the images pop out and others recede into the background.  We kept layering more stencil shapes with paint before adding cut paper circles from an old book.  These were glued to the page and I ran a little watercolour paint over them to blend them into the page.  A pen was used to further define these.  And here is the result. 
Roben-Marie also had us make tags alongside this page which were then to go into a little pocket on the the bottom right corner but I opted not to do that as I wanted my page just how it was. 

I love how it has turned out.