Sunday, 28 December 2014

2014 - year in review

The year started pretty quietly, mostly unpacking and setting up our new home.  Much smaller than we had in Hamilton we struggled to find places to put everything and even though we had given away quite a bit of ‘stuff’ it became obvious we needed to de-clutter even more.  The local Hospice shop benefitted as we decided what we didn’t REALLY need to keep.
It wasn't long before I managed to secure a job as the Activities Assistant at Redwood Lifestyle Care & Village, a nearby resthome facility - best job ever.

Michael finally decided in March it was the right time to ‘pop the question’ and he and Anna got engaged - they hope to get married in 2016.
April brought with it the opportunity for Jan to also find work as an Activities Coordinator but with another facility - unfortunately it went into receivership in October and she was again out of work.  She has since started as a healthcare assistant at Redwood. 
May, June and July were fairly quiet, we struggled a little with the colder climate but love being able to see the snow - me thinks we might need to invest in some nice thick padded jackets.
Now, what do you think of our wee cutie pie.  Ellie turned one in August and Jan & I were lucky enough to be able to go down to Te Anau to help celebrate with the family. She is a really happy little girl and has the most delightful giggle.  She is changing so fast.  We get to Skype her from time to time but she is really not that sure about the Nanas on the screen.  She loves having stories read to her and gets quite a puzzled look on her face from time to time if she's not sure about something.  Wish we lived a bit closer.
We had an adventurous trip south though with snow closing roads behind us as we travelled – a little too exciting at times but a fabulous time all the same.  We had to buy snow chains but fortunately did not end up having to use them.  This photo was taken out of the car window somewhere between Balclutha & Gore - I'm not sure exactly but it was just so beautiful ... and treacherous ... and cold.
I sold my little green car toward the end of the year and bought a scooter to get around on.  It is cheaper to run and I love it - put my first lot of petrol in the other day $5.86 and that is for a whole months running around. It is so easy to zap down to the shop and it has a decent sized storage compartment under the seat - I look for any excuse to go shopping.  The grin says it all.
Christmas has now been and gone and it was a busy time workwise with taking residents out to see all the Christmas lights and all of the other Christmas activities.  We had family here for a few days and it was lovely to see them and share Christmas Day with them.
I promise to be more onto it next year with my blog.  I want to focus more on creating in 2015 ... here's hoping!!!


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