Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mini Album with Box


I have been working on another project just recently which I'd like to share with you.  I have started becoming a little bit more adventurous with my paper crafting skills and decided I would make a mini album and a box to put it in.  I am hoping that this might become a class at some stage. 

On the left is the box - using the base from a box given me by a friend I gave it a cover, making it look more like a little book.  When the cover is opened the box contains a mini album of old family photos and appropriate quotes. The inside of the box is lined with the same paper as the front and back covers of the album.  This particular album has two inserts cut from a sheet of cardstock giving 8 pages this could easily have been doubled.  As you will see below I have added eyelets, ribbon and small beads to add some interest.  The flowers on the box were handmade from matching cardstock and I have embossed the spine to give it more strength.  The flouish has been crackled - it actually started life a lot bigger than it is shown here but one of our darling kitties decided it was a great chew toy.  Never mind, a quick snip and a flick of sandpaper and it fits neatly against the top edge of the box.

This little album is ideal for all those little black and white snaps from days gone by.  The images are not dwarfed by the size of the page and the bright colour of the paper enhances the monochrome pictures.  For this particular album I printed the photos out in a sepia tone to complement the tonings of the paper.  Take a look and see what you think.  It is the first time I have attempted anything like this so I hope you like it..
Ciao for now, take care.


  1. You have made lovely job of this Denise. Great colour combo too.

    1. Thanks Esther, I just loved this paper and both sideswereperfect for this project.