Wednesday, 20 February 2013

"Strive for progress ... not perfection"

The title pretty much sums up the purpose of my art journal.  I am finding much satisfaction in being able to play with products and techniques without worrying about 'spoiling' anything.  With the pressure off I am free to just play and see what happens.  The following page I have been working on over the past few days.
I started off with a wash of Pthalo Turquoise and Green Gold.  Once this was dry I used my new Mini Chicken Wire template from The Crafters Workshop and coarse textured gel from Reeves to add some dimension to the page.  I then let black india ink run and drip down the page before splattering droplets of ink across the page.  With a sea sponge I added black paint and iridescent medium.  It was then left like that for a couple of days.

Coming back to it today and the courier has been - he delivered my order of PanPastels.  I bought a starter set 'Extra Dark Shades' - there is pretty much a little bit of everything on here (gotta try everything LOL!!!).  The page was sealed with Mod Podge, the text added plus some pieces I accidentally tore when working on another project.  The paper is Pink Paislee "London Market" - keep a watch for the other project which I will post once I have it all together.

The two butterflies with stamped using Black Stazon and then I went over it with Kindy Glitz.  Gotta love that Kindy Glitz.  Not sure if I like the overall result but I love some of the techniques and medium used and I definitely loved playing. 

Until next time ...

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