Saturday, 27 April 2013

Creativity takes courage

When I was studying Art Therapy one of the phrases that struck a chord with me was "Trust the Process".  It was the title of a book by Shaun McNiff, a well known and well respected art therapist.  It takes courage to put yourself out there - art reveals your innermost thoughts and feelings and you really have to trust what is being put on the page.  As I started art journaling the significance of trusting the process became even more evident.  

When I open my journal to a new page I have no idea of where I am going to start nor what shape my art will take.  Apart from some seepage from previous pages, I really have a blank canvas.  I start with gesso - it's almost like that is getting me "in the mood" so to speak.  Then I see what jumps out at me from the supplies on my desk.  Sometimes it is paint, sometimes ink, sometimes texture - and then I just start playing.  At some point I feel like I am finished and I add the sentiment, give it a final coat of mod podge and I am done.  The sentiment sometimes comes to me as I work or once I have finished - however it happens, it is usually relevant to where I am at and what I have created - I have found that they usually go hand in hand.

When I look at what I have created I can see that there has been a process.  There are layers upon layers, sometimes ugly layers, sometimes beautiful layers, but all those layers make up the whole.  A bit like life really, isn't it.  Food for thought?

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