Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Well, this page certainly went through a transformation.  This is nothing like it started out as - the base coat was blocks of colour that had been taped off.  When I took off the tape I was left with bright white strips which I tried to diffuse by spritzing with glimmermist - that just left a horrible muddy puddle.  From there it was all downhill with each 'layer' getting muddier and muddier.  I put some torn paper on and cover the entire thing with a light layer of gesso and started again.  This is what evolved and the quote is just so appropriate.  This page could have ended quite badly but by persevering with it I like what it has become.  Just like the caterpillar, each layer in it's own right was lovely - my problem was that it just didn't all come together cohesively - until it turned into the butterfly.

That's a bit like life lately - there seems to be a lot of things happening which, in their own right, are challenging, interesting, sometimes confusing, but they are still separate entities - having to wait patiently for it all to come together before I can see the big picture.

Hmmm, wonder what will come out next week ...

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  1. Ah yes,the 'oops I made mud thing' - sadly familiar. Like you, I believe in just keeping at it until something lovely emerges. Good on you, and you the perfect quote for the layout.