Saturday, 29 August 2015

Life Book 2015: Week 29 - Tiny story-telling with Danielle Donaldson

Oh my gosh, Danielle Donaldson's little girls are so cute.  Danielle provided us with some random words which she invited us to cut apart and make up a story to go with our little girl.  

If you read my blog earlier about the illness I have been battling for most of this year you will have read how I spent a lot of time pacing like a caged animal.  This story tells of how I worked my way through my illness knowing deep down that I would come out the other side having learned something from the experience.  It would take time, I would need to be gentle with myself, and there would be things I would need to let go of, but I would be okay. 

Here's the story - it starts: there's a very tiny story ... a really tiny one ... please read it "Here's the thing about her, walking, talking, always moving in circles ... she feels lost ... it seemed to her that, looking within her, working through the hardness, holding the unloved, she gets the idea, stands tall, knowing in her heart, just like that, her eyes shimmered: picture beautiful thoughts of all things that can be.  She always thought she would sparkle."

There is always HOPE.  You just have to believe in yourself.

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