Sunday, 4 January 2015

Life Book 2015 - Week 1: Beacon of Light

A beacon of light ... I thought aboutwhat this might look like when I went to bed that first night.  In my dreams this little faerie princess came to me and I remembered her so clearly when I woke up - she had a gold crown, pink wings shaped like hearts and she carried a wand in one hand and a heart pendant in the other.

I sat down to watch the video, to see the beautiful creature evolving from Tamaras hand, so serene and beautiful.  It was exciting, intimidating, thought provoking, daunting, terrifying almost - what if I couldn't do it.  It involves drawing faces - albeit whimsical, but faces all the same.

I decided to just bite the bullet, no use putting it off, I had signed up for the year and here I was baulking at week one. 

I did my basic sketch and was relatively happy with the concept but then came the painting and shading.  Tamara made it look so easy and my inner critic was sitting there saying, "you've wrecked it now, you can't do this, what were you thinking" and then a little voice popped into my head and said "trust the process".  I remember this from my Art Therapy days with Marnie De Wolf in Hamilton - she introduced me to the amazing Shaun McNiff who said that it isn't about the final product, it is about the process.  So I trusted the process, in fact, I loved the process, and I love my faerie princess who is going to be by my side, inspiring me throughout this course.

Here she is ... right down to her little heart shaped shoe laces
I am so happy and can't wait until Week 2.  Yay!!!

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