Sunday, 22 February 2015

Life Book 2015: Week 8 - Treasure Seeking

A wee bit of an epiphany this week.  The lesson was provided by Mati Rose McDonough and involved incorporating gold and/or silver leaf somewhere into your artwork.  

Mati Rose created her background and then added a boat.  I got part way through the background and loved how it was turning out.  I dutifully carried on following her instruction but came to a point where I felt I no longer liked it.  Ready to throw it away and start again a little voice told me to "just keep working through it".  I finished the background and went to bed still not happy with how it looked.  When I looked at it again the next day I could see a tree sitting there and knew that I needed to leave the boat and go with my vision. 
The quote, "when someone you lose becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure", came to me from last weeks 'heart community' which set me thinking about those gone before.  So, the tree represents my family tree with it's gold leaves made from gold leaf. I thought about the boat, and the owl and the pussycat were there in the mix, and I could not resist a gold moon. 

I feel that, for the first time, I was really conscious of my art speaking to me.  It was an 'aha' moment.

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