Thursday, 7 March 2013

Filling your cup

"There is always music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it" - Minnie Ammonier.

These past couple of weeks I have had reason to ponder on these words, more so than usual, so it seemed appropriate to use them when journalling this week.  The actual art work is unimportant, the process of getting there was very important. 

I believe that we are given challenges in life for a reason. We learn from life, we grow because we face a challenge, move through it and come out the other side with new insights and knowledge.  Hey, this is not new, and it's definitely not rocket science. How we grow from our experiences really depends on how well we listen to that inner voice, or in this case, the music in the trees.

Recently I have had several friends face huge health challenges and this has left me questioning why bad things happen to nice people.  There will be a reason and by listening carefully to that inner voice we will find that reason. 

One is a "doer for others" and the message has been to slow down, take time out for self, take time to play.  When your cup is empty you do not have anything to give anyone else.  Only by having your own cup full and overflowing can you have something to offer to others.  The situation she is experiencing will enable her to help others more, but only once she learns to fill her own cup.  It has been a harsh lesson but she will get through it but right now it is a tough journey. Kia kaha my friends ... be strong.

The background is a mix of Pthalo Turquoise and Diarylide Yellow with black acrylic paint around the edges.  A music stamp was placed on the background before using The Crafters Workshop Mini Branches Reversed stencil with clear gel medium.  Once dry, a black staz-on ink pad was wiped over the top of the gel medium.  Iridescent medium was applied to parts of the page and then a light wash of the yellow paint was given to the whole page.  With the addition of washi tape and some india ink drips, the page felt finished.  The quote has been placed on the inclusion (which you can't see here as it is standing up towards the camera).

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