Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The whole box of crayons

OMG I am loving this page and loving Twinkling H20's from Luminarte - check these out.  The colours are so vibrant but the photo does not really do it justice. 

I recently purchased 8 of these tiny pots and am in love.  They work like a watercolour only with an iridescent sheen as they contain mica particles.  Before starting you need to spritz the colours with water to activate them.  I put gesso my page as usual and just splattered each colour over the page until I felt like I had done enough.  The colours ran and blended together - to stop this happening you actually need to put some sort of absorbent ground on the page first but I didn't have any.  I brushed watered down white gesso and iridescent medium randomly over the page (separately - not mixed together), added some stickers and little swirls of kindy glitz before adding the quote.

The significance - well, if ever I am asked to define my 'style' whether it be art, scrapbooking, interior decorating, gardening, or my clothes - I would definitely say that I am eclectic.  I like / do a little bit of everything.  I like to use the whole box of crayons.  When I am working with art therapy clients I like to have a range of tools at my disposal.  When scrapbooking I like to try new things, new products, and will go with what and how I feel at the time.  My garden, home and clothes are a reflection of my eclecticism - they are what I like and definitely no particular style - I tried that and it doesn't sit comfortably with me at all.

How comfortable are you about using the whole box of crayons?  If you haven't done it before, maybe give it a try - break out, you never know, you might like doing something different.


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