Sunday, 24 March 2013

Precious Memories

A couple of weeks late with this post - I just could not get this page finished - don't even know why the forget-me-not is there.  The painting part was finished but haven't found the right quote.  I have lots, just nothing jumps out at me.  At that point my computer died and had to go to the computer hospital so I just left it. 

A couple of days later, Jan's mum died.  It felt like there was some significance to the forget-me-not flower and when I googled I came across a quote.  The quote reads "In your soul are infinitely precious things that can not be taken from you ... no matter what happens". 

Forget-me-nots are the representation of true love and fond memories, a symbol of remembrance and hope.  They also have a link to Freemasonry, hugely significant to this family.  Suddenly it all fell into place.  While it has been a difficult time for everyone concerned, and there are huge adjustments to be made, I know that, no matter what happens, we will be okay.  It's hard when families cannot accept your life choices and particularly so at times like these.  This was a reminder to us that, no matter what happens, our memories and the things we count as precious, can never be taken away from us ... ever.

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