Monday, 9 March 2015

Life Book 2015: Week 10 - Layers of your Heart

This weeks lesson came from Tamara Laporte.  We were to create a layered heart combining several collage elements.  She gave us two options as to how to do it - one being to make a fan with the hearts and put them into a pocket, the other being to have them stacked and pivot on a brad to reveal people/things I am grateful for.  While I loved the various techniques on the hearts I had some technical issues when it came to placement of the gratitude texts.  It's all there, but is now hidden under subsequent hearts. 
The text in the background is lyrics to a song from when I was a teenager about things I nearly forgot to say thank you for.  It seemed appropriate for this particular assignment.  I love the border.

I'd like to try the other option and see how that goes as I was not happy with the overall look of this one once finished and don't know that I want this particular piece in my completed Life Book.  It is growing on me however so time will tell.

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