Saturday, 28 March 2015

Life Book 2015: Week 11 - Inner and Outer World with Jane Davenport

Oh wow, this week was challenging in that we had to add the start of a figure to a face, but very satisfying. Jane Davenport set us the task of exploring the following questions and then using our responses to create a collage upon which to build our creation - how our inner world creates or influences our outer world.

What makes you tick? What lights you up? Who lights you up! What is your favourite food? Colour! Place! Think about yourself and the things, people and places that you feel gratitude for. What makes you feel like celebrating? Small moments and big events you hold close to your heart. 

For me those things are music, robins, dolphins, butterflies, water lilies and, of course, the colour green.  I also brought in a little turquoise and cerise as accent colours because they are so very vibrant.   The clock is representative of how important time is to me - to make the most of what time I have, to make the most of life.

I started off with putting down a collage base and then adding some base colours.  The figure was added in pencil with the face having been cut from another painting I did and then photocopied and glued onto the collage.  The body was then drawn and everything outside of the figure was given a light coat of gesso thereby helping to define the figure.  Her hair was given a light wash of colour.  The skin tones were added to the face and body with the photocopy being painted to blend it all together and then the eyes, nose and mouth were defined.  Her dress was then given a wash of colour as well and linework added to define the bust etc.  Shading was added to bring the figure off the page and add dimension.  To finish I added the quote and a few lines to create wisps of hair.

I just love how she has turned out - thanks so much Jane.

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