Saturday, 28 March 2015

Life Book 2015: Week 13 - Happy Painting with Juliette Crane

Who would have guessed that a circle and a rectangle could create almost any animal you want.  I love this new found freedom in creating whimsical animals thanks to the lovely Juliette Crane

Juliette got us creating our own little menagerie of whimsical creatures which was just magic.  Here are just a few of my little creations.

Just very quick pencil sketches - one day I'll have a go at putting these into paintings using the techniques Juliette taught us as I think they'll be heaps of fun to do.  In case you don't recognise them they are - a rabbit, a cat, a cow and an elephant on the left hand side and then an owl, a sheep, a racoon and a pig on the right.

Anyway, the actual lesson for this week was to draw an owl.  Most of the painting was done with a palette knife and my fingers - right up my alley - getting mucky.  So here's my finished owl.  Rather well fed and contented me thinks.  I love how my background came out and I even included some gold leaf randomly placed to make it look crackled.  Very happy with this little cutie.

Watch this space for the rest of the paintings at some future date.  In the meantime, thanks for popping by to check out my artwork.

And thanks Juliette for a fabulous lesson and fun playing - just loved it.

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